I have a few years with the virtual currencies and the wallets that are responsible for managing these virtual transactions, with the little time that I have been in the virtual currency market I have had to learn many on my own things, with the famous trial and error, also reading, studying and researching a lot, today I can say that I already have a little experience to share and that is why I have decided that I will share with you a little about this page.


Damecoins is the page that I want to recommend, it is a simple and intuitive page, for anyone who does not have experience and even for those who already have it, this page is tailored to any of the parts where you are in terms of experience .



As you will see, it has a very simple and clean interface, without anything that can confuse us since when it comes to money and transactions, regardless of whether these are virtual currencies, it is very delicate and necessary that it be something simple and easy to understand.


They accept a wide variety of payment methods so they become my top number one list, not only for this of course, but for many more reasons that I will already comment on and that you will be able to verify yourself later.



As you can see in that image, these are some of the payment methods they accept, but they also accept PayPal, which is an excellent option for many countries, especially Latin America.




Their credit and debit card deposit rates are very low, one of the lowest on the market, I would even dare to say the lowest after all that I have researched.





Last and not least, the withdrawal issue is very simple, this is really the reason why I write this article to share with you since especially for those who are starting they always tend to make mistakes, they even have a 24h chat who advise you before making any transaction if you have doubts but as I mentioned from the beginning it is a simple to understand and intuitive page, this page has a lot about it.


I invite you to register for free yourself and try what I have told you in the following link.  https://damecoins.com/signup


It is a very simple process and so you can verify these virtues and others, I leave you an image where you can see that theprocess registrationis very easy and safe, they do not request many things to create an account.