Dominate your Niche with NetSuite CRM

As an official partner of NetSuite, Smart Strategy has shared an experience with a robust and scalable ERP at affordable rates. In hundreds of companies across Latin America, we ensured that NetSuite operated. We have been acclaimed in the CIO Review (2015-2016) for two consecutive years. And since then, in diverse industry niches we have retained an increasing variety of consumers and promising cases.

“We know the business processes of the consumer and refine them by suitable technologies so that all data fits in a single structure with the information presented by consumers and correctly aligned by financial data,” says Arturo Region CEO to CI magazine. “We showed to our customers that the technology was invented to simplify”

Different organization divisions use different details, which in principle should be financially consistent. In reconciliation, the same story can be conveyed by data from engineering, distribution, marketing and finance and other divisions. However, given that businesses take decisions based on hundreds of Excel tablets that are not often reconciled with the company’s financial records, these results in data mistakes, obsolete data or inaccurate data and no decision-making visibility.

As we move towards addressing these challenges, our greatest obstacle is to achieve the best method that is sufficiently scalable to link consumer data with the accounting system. NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software. It helps companies manage business processes from a single, fully integrated system covering ERP / finance, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, and much more. In addition to Latin America, there are more than 25,000 companies using NetSuite CRM.

NetSuite adapted to all types of business

The consumer tools kit of NetSuite has only one task: that the introduced software follows all organisation business procedures while retaining data consistency from the start to the finish. We have built custom modules for major industries including agri-business, car, building, immovable, distribution and logistics, using the NetSuite software for many companies at our Smart Strategy platform.

If we are recruited by a potential customer, we take the time to evaluate their business operations closely to simplify them by leveraging technologies. We also ensure that it performs properly in the deployment process. After applying our solutions, we take the appropriate duration at Smart Strategy to ensure that all data flows function in the right direction to guarantee the project progress by developing and using KPIs (performance indicators).

This is why the number of Latin American companies using NetSuite app every year it keeps rising. Rent ability and adaptability are the items that are required for our growing market. An Aberdeen community report reveals that averaging 32 per cent yearly sales growth for closely affiliated organizations. Execute alignment of distribution and marketing by incorporating the CRM NetSuite data into the Sugar industry without using third-party software. You do more than actually link two mechanisms by integrating the Sugar Market with NetSuite. For teams to use around the board, you create a supercharge sale and promotion platform.