5 Techniques for Dealing with Your Darkness

When you’re engulfed in darkness, finding a path out seems impossible. When all you see is uncertainty, it’s difficult to perceive the truth. So, how can you find brightness in the face of adversity? When the gloom in my life gets overpowering, I’ve learned to do a few things.

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1. Looking for information

First, I try to figure out what reality is about darkness and its polar opposite. I look to God’s Word for guidance. What does he have to say about the darkness and how to deal with it? First, I recall that “God is light, and there is no darkness in him” (1 John 1:5). “You will have problems in this world,” he adds. But don’t despair! I’ve triumphed” (John 16:33). So, when I consider both of these factors, I feel that when I look to the Father and rest in him, my problems and darkness are conquered by his everlasting love. In his brightness, my darkness dissipates.

There is no darkness in Him.

Furthermore, he is devoid of any gloom! So I may rejoice because the difficulties and darkness that seem to be insurmountable pale in comparison to him. What should I be afraid of if God is light and there is no darkness in him? Is my darkness too great for God’s light to shine through? Imagine yourself in a dark room with me. I prefer to think in pictures—I am, after all, a storyteller—so imagine yourself in a dark room with me. There are no windows and it’s pitch dark. There are no skylights. There was nothing but blackness. Imagine entering the room with a lighted match in your hand. Is it possible that the darkness in that chamber will extinguish your flame? Obviously not. The match wouldn’t light up the whole room, but it would let you see your fingers. What if you enlarged the little match to become a flashlight or a lantern? As the light increased, the blackness receded more and further.

What darkness could you possibly encounter that God’s light wouldn’t be able to overcome? Darkness is always drowned out by light, and his light is bigger and more powerful than any you’ve ever seen.

2. Exercising

I begin to put the truth and the things the Father has said about darkness into practice when I have looked for the truth and the things the Father has stated about darkness. That is to say, when the night descends, I concentrate on them. When the light appears to have gone out and I’m feeling hopeless, I remember what I’ve learnt. This is something I do on a daily basis. Even a single minute of thought every day may change how I see darkness and how I respond to it when it appears. “But the one who practices the truth comes to the light,” Jesus replied (John 3:21). The more I practice the truth, the easier it gets to see through the darkness.

3. Keeping in Mind

After focusing on the truth, I try remembering it in the midst of life’s challenges. The road of life is one of remembering and forgetting. We’ve all done it. We all get caught up in our everyday routines and forget that we are not defined by our surroundings. So, when I forget, I take a moment to stop and recall the realities so that I may return to calm. What should I be afraid of if God is light and there is no darkness in him? What darkness might his light be unable to dispel? Nothing is the answer. The gloom I see in my life dissolves to shadows when I recall that. I am full of immense bravery in this place of recollection. The courage to move beyond my fear and into his light is always dependable and certain.

4. bservation

I can see clearly when I return to reality and begin to recall who I am. And this clear vision impacts not just how I view my own sorrow and darkness, but also how I see the world around me: my brothers and sisters who are blind because they haven’t yet experienced Christ’s light, or who have simply forgotten. God offers anyone who looks to him the same promises he provides to me. “Christ is all, and is in all,” Colossians 3:11 says regarding the body of Christ.

5. Adoration

My only reaction s love as my perspective shifts and I begin to see myself and others in God’s light. I have shown myself and others love. It is difficult for me to judge myself when I am fully seeing through Christ’s eyes when I am completely resting in his pure light. Alternatively, there are others. As a result, love becomes my only choice. It’s a love that comes from the Father, and it’s a love that he encourages us to have for one another

So, when difficulties arise, as they will; when darkness overwhelms you, as it will, believe Jesus’ teachings, reflect on them every day, recall the promise made, see the light of Christ, and then love yourself and others as he has loved you.

How to Overcome Your Fear in the darkness

The majority of individuals are afraid of the dark. Although children are the ones who are most scared of the dark, it is amusing to observe that even grownups are terrified of it. Maybe you’ve been reading or watching too many ghosts and ghostly tales, which are virtually always set in the dark. The loss of control that comes with darkness is unavoidable. Our sense of seeing is very important to us as humans. When we lose our capacity to see, it has a significant impact on our feeling of power and control. Darkness robs us of a feeling that allows us to navigate the world around us. If you’re an adult who is afraid of the dark, or if you have a child who has to learn to sleep alone, there are methods to overcome your fear of the dark and reclaim your feeling of freedom even in the dead of night.

Before going to bed, relax.

Before going to bed, you must create a peaceful and contemplative condition in your mind. Get rid of the caffeine that makes you uneasy and causes your heart to race. It is recommended that you avoid using electrical gadgets. Instead, relax by listening to quiet music or reading for a few minutes. The goal is to achieve the most restful state of mind possible. You could find that sipping chamomile tea or caressing your animal is soothing. Avoid watching television programmes that will simply make you feel worried. Anything that would cause you tension for the night, such as last-minute tasks, should be avoided.

Darken Your Room Gradually

Sleeping in the dark allows you to get a better night’s sleep. This information should motivate you to take measures toward sleeping in complete darkness. You do not, however, need to entirely switch out the lights. When you sleep, gradually lower the lights until you reach a level that is comfortable for you. You could, for example, turn on the lights in the next room. If this isn’t feasible, keep a table lamp on and progressively open a nightlight as your anxiety decreases and your degree of comfort in the dark rises. You should monitor your anxiousness by sleeping in low light until you are able to sleep in complete darkness. If you’re the kind who gets nervous in complete darkness, you may want to invest in an electrical generator in case your neighbourhood’s lights go out.

Face your fears head-on.

If you hear a thud or a smashing sound in the middle of the night, push yourself to address your worries right away. You should observe for yourself that the things you’re imagining are just the result of observable occurrences. For instance, the noise in your garage may be caused by a swarm of stray cats. It’s possible that the scratching sounds you’re hearing on your ceiling are the result of a rodent infestation. Before you go down a rabbit hole of horror movie horrors, be sure you have all the information.

Make Your Room More Comfortable

Making your room a cheerful and comfortable place to sleep in might help you overcome some of your concerns of the dark. To assist you think of pleasant things while you sleep, use bright colors and warm, cheerful furnishings. Maintain a tidy environment so you won’t be picturing things from your forgotten pile of clothing in the corner. You should also maintain your space clean and clutter-free. Keep just the pieces of furniture that you really need. Aromatherapy has been proved in studies to have a good psychological influence on people’s thoughts. The idea is to create a safe and cheerful environment in your room.

You must learn to sleep alone.

Younger children may have the option of sleeping alongside their parents and siblings. Adults, on the other hand, may effectively sleep on their own by keeping a pet such as a cat or dog near them. Pets are very calming, and they may be able to assist you in sleeping in complete darkness. However, you should gradually wean yourself away from sleeping so close to your dogs, allowing them to sleep at your feet or in the same room with you.